CCB-Grameen Shaanxi Ankang Project Hosts Roundtable Meeting

Author:Xu Deng

On the afternoon of April 11th, 2020, the CCB-Grameen Ankang project held a meeting in the office of Ankang Branch in Ankang, Shanxi. Women’s entrepreneurial counselors and rural revitalization counselors from Hanbin branch, Langao branch, Hanyin branch, and Ziyang branch participated in this meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ou Chunbi, the Branch Manager of the Hanbin branch. The meeting was a combination of unleaded group discussions and case analysis and summary, and was designed to help instructors strengthen their understanding of the Grameen model through brain storming.

The meeting was divided into three parts: the first part is self-introduction of newly recruited colleagues; the second part is the discussion and display of the unleaded group (each group discusses the topic, and shows the results to everyone at the table); the third part is the summary of the meeting. Based on their own experiences, the veteran employees with experience dug deep into the topics discussed in each group. The meeting was concluded with Ou Chunbi’s summary speech. Every employee cherished this opportunity, studied hard, spoke actively, and the atmosphere was lively.

Through this meeting, the center managers can enrich themselves in sharing, coming up with new ideas, learning from each other and progressing together. The meeting can effectively carry out the linkage of the four divisions, strengthen the cohesion of employees in the Ankang region of Shanxi, and at the same time, build a learning framework, which lays a good foundation for subsequent learning and training.

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